Time to ask for help?

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Pam's medical history started 7 years ago when she contracted sepsis from an infection of the bladder this is a condition where the blood in your body gets infected with bacteria and starts to attack all your organs She almost passed away until they gave her 8 different antibiotics at the same time!  That caused severe liver disease and as time progressed her liver has deteriorated to the point of needing a liver Transplant.
She was in receipt of a liver on March 27 2021 and is recovering in ICU when the doctors realized it is not working as planned and she must go back for another surgery. She is in need of financial assistance to cover the multitude of medical bills that have materialized through this ordeal as well as losing her career as a prestigious Real Estate Professional for over 30 years.
She is asking for your help to make sure her family will be ok no matter the outcome of the next surgery.