An Inside Look at Life in a House Boat

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Today I’ll be sharing a take on tiny home living with a nautical twist- life on houseboats!

Houseboats are becoming popular in cities around the world as an affordable and mobile lifestyle option. Those who choose this method of living are forced to become experts on living with less in small, tight spaces, while conserving power and resources.

What they get in return- no property taxes, low rent, no landscaping, and of course, a water view.

The following 4 Instagram accounts give us an inside look at their adventures living on a houseboat.

The Boat Fam
The Magdaleins are a family of 5 living aboard their two bed, two bath 43 foot trawler, The Wanderer, sharing tips and advice for other boating enthusiasts after almost 1 full year at sea!

Check out their Youtube channel to get an inside look at their houseboat!

Captain & Charlie
Adventurous and playful couple Captain and Charlie, aim to live a healthy and eco-friendly life abroad their sailboat in the Mediterranean sea.


Wife Aquatic
San Francisco based couple, Brian & Jaclyn, are living and working on their beautifully designed 46’ boat, the Catalina Wine Mixer, along with their pup companion, Indiana Jones.


Claudius Schulze
Claudius is a photographer, artist and vagabond making a journey around Europe on a self-built wooden pontoon-style houseboat. His floating home also doubles as a camera, capturing his adventures as he goes!


Life on the water is definitely an adjustment, but for those who embrace this unique and serene lifestyle, houseboat living is a dream.