America’s best places to live in 2021

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As 2021 kicks off, loving the place you call home has never been more important. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic pushing urbanites to search for more space, cities will continue to thrive with the promise of career opportunities and an array of cultural offerings. If you’re one of the many reevaluating where you spend the majority of your time this year, here are 10 of the best places to live in 2021.

Best places to live in 2021
To identify the best places to live this year, Bankrate combed through data from the top 50 metropolitan areas through the lens of a key question: What makes a place livable and lovable?

What makes a city ideal for you will not be a perfect match for someone else, but there are common factors everyone looks for when searching for a new place to call home. We assessed five: affordability, education, job market, safety and wellbeing.

What it costs – We analyzed each city’s cost of living compared with its average salary per worker. While “affordable” is a relative definition based on your earnings, expenses, family and long-term savings goals, it’s important to weigh your income with what it can buy you in any city.
How it feels – Quality of life is an equally important ingredient, so to get a sense of the rhythm of each of these cities, we looked at wellbeing (how healthy individuals and the entire community are), employment (average commute times and unemployment rates), safety (property and violent crime rates) and educational attainment (the rate of college graduates who call the place home).
Who’s moving there – Finally, we looked at the net migration of each place over the past decade. Each city on this list has positive net migration, which means that more people are moving in than are moving out.
If bigger isn’t necessarily better in your book, keep in mind that there are plenty of smaller communities around these larger cities that may be able to offer similar perks.